LP 20

Spray on solution for Arthropod population management.

Effect mecanism

The first step concists in the dilution of the mite’s waxy coating by LP 20’s active ingredients. The second step is penetration of the liquid within the mite, causing it to blow up. Both the product and water are necessary and the recommandations for use must be strictly followed.


A targeted action requires a 10% concentration : we recommend this option, as it allows the concrete destruction of mite colonies and effeciency control.


Atomizer producing drops that are small enough for the product to correctly penetrate the mite colonies and to spread beyond the first layer. However, it is important to remember to also soak supports and materials so that the solution can flow and carry the mites away.

Treatment method

Identify the mite colonies : as the treatment requires contact, the areas of infestation must first be located. Be aware that that some laterality can be observed (some sides or some batches can be more affected than others). Mites will always target the same areas from cage to cage or from nest to nest. The non persistance of the LP 20 product will not incite them to choose another spot, thus allowing for the identification of the areas to be treated in future applications.

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