In farms, diarrhoeas are most often caused by two deseases: coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis. The pathogens involved, coccidian protozoans and Clostridium perfringens bacteria, cause important bowel injuries and are responsible for enterotoxemia and digestive putrefaction.

Digestive efficiency and thus the animal’s health are consequently heavily affected. Intestinal balance is crucial in optimizing digestive capacities and nutrient absorption, thus allowing the animal to develop its maximum growth potential.

Our solution is a natural product, based on cashew nut shell oil for your animals’ digestive integrity!

For your young ruminants’ improved digestive integrity

A good digestive health will lead to improved ADGs and FCRs but also to an increased homogeneity in your groups of animals. RuminyCox will accompany you throughout all breeding critical phases, especially during dietary transition phases.

It’s a major asset in managing health conditions in your ruminant holdings!


  • Natural product
  • Ease of use: to be disssolved in the milk
  • No residue in the end product (milk, meat)
  • Natural alternative
  • No waiting period

Testing results

RuminyCox acts to reduce diarrhoeas in calves during the first weeks of their lives, more specifically during the milk feeding phase. The test presented below shows a reduction of oocysts (coccidian protozans in encapsulated form) in the excrements of calves supplemented with RuminyCox.

This significant reduction in encapsulated forms translates a decline in the presence of parasites in the system, leading to fewer bowel injuries and thus reduced cases of dirrhoea.

Delivery mode : Lambs/Kids : 2g/d – Calves: 10 to 15g/d.
Packaging: 10kg bags.

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