Created in 1994, EUROTEC’H, a family-run SME in Morlaix, Finistère, engineers technical solutions to livestock and crop farming issues, in keeping with an environmentaly conscious agriculture. Always on the lookout for innovative raw material, in France and abroad, EUROTEC’H lives by three major principles:
⋅ Technical efficiency
Ease of use
Return on investment 

Our product line allows us to support you in various fields of expertise such as:  
⋅ Animal welfare
Environmental friendliness
Zootechnical performances

Our practical solutions will allow you, breeders and farmers, to minimise recourse to antibiotics, chemical products and insecticides. Eurotec’h puts quality first, being certified GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices) and organic agriculture. You will be able, with our product line, to solve issues your establishment hasn’t been able to sustainably address.