For a better intestinal health of your fishes.

In fish farms, lack of growth and mortality are most often related to summer enteritis or prevention methods such as undernourishment.

Inherent risks in the emergence of summer enteritis and other digestive pathologies can be related to breeding, rearing management and operations. But also can be caused by environmental conditions’ variations such as water temperature and quality.

A good and balanced digestive stability and health will help enhancing the Average Daily Gain (ADG) and the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) of your animals, thus optimizing the homogeneity of your lots within your fishery.

FishyCox supports your animals during the critical phases of the rearing period, especially during summertime and under-feeding ones. Our product is a major asset for the health management of your fish farming !

Trial Results

In a french fish farm, a trial had been conducted on rainbow trouts for 2 consecutive years :

  • Control (2017): No supplementation.
  • FishyCox (2018): Supplementation for 7 months (water T°>14°C)

We may hence conclude that after 24 weeks using FishyCox, and knowing there even was 24744 fishes less in the 2018 flock :

  • A 5640 kg gain of total biomass.
  • An average gain of 62 g body weight per fish.
  • A mortality rate divided by 2.
  • A shortening of 3 weeks in rearing time.
  • A reduction of use of antibiotics against enteritis.


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