Parasite risk management is a major issue in breeding and can have a negative impact on the performance of an operating organization.

LENTYPOU+ is a nutrition supplement created from selected plants that contributes in enhancing the laying hens’ natural resistance in their environment.

LENTYPOU+ is widely recognized throughout the French and international poultry sector.


  • A quality and traceability guarantee, brought to poultry breeders since 2006.
  • Over 35 million hens supplemented each year.
  • 70% of exported production.
  • Currently distributed in 23 countries, under 14 brands.
  • Produced exclusively by EUROTEC’H in Brittany.

Combining animal welfare and breeder comfort

Manufactured by Eurotec’h in Brittany, LENTYPOU+ has been recognized throughout France for years, as well as internationaly, with 50% of its production in exports. Nutrition supplement contributing to red mite population management, created from natural, appetite stimulating and aromatic plant extracts.

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