PAL 8 – The Slurry Stone

Concentrated, efficient, et ready to be simply slipped into the slurry pit !

Buried in manure’s pre-pits and pits, a stone acts on a 100m3 volume of slurry for several weeks.

The stone is made of selected anaerobic bacterias reactivating the slurry, making it homogeneous and preventing the formation of deposits and crusts, thus ensuring better emptying of the pre-pits. The atmosphere in the rearing building is also improved due to an ammonia rate reduction (NH3).

The PAL 8 also improves the quality of the manure applied in the fields, increasing the amount of nitrogen available to plants, and odors are reduced for a better neighborhood comfort.



Xavier B. (Pig farmer in Côtes d’Armor, 700 fattening places) tells us about his experience with the PAL 8.

« I was having problems with my manure; it was solidifying and crusting. I feed my animals with a dry feed, so the manure is less liquid than in the soup system. I was also bothered by mealworm beetles.
Since I have been using the PAL 8, I do not have any problems. In a 20 cases barn with 11 pigs each, I install a slurry stone at each end of the building’s pre-pits, the day they arrive. I never empty my pre-pits completely, I always leave a little water to accelerate the development of bacterial life when I put the PAL 8 in.

The pigs stay in the building for 3 months, but I do not put any stone in addition in the manure. When I empty the slurry, I see that it is kind of “alive”; it bubbles a little.
I do think it improves the atmosphere in the building, it is less pungent and there are fewer odors.
When I switched to PAL 8, I even noticed an improvement in the pigs performances…»

Avantages :

  • Ease of use: Can be placed directly in the pit straight in the slurry.
  • Less handling of the manure required.
  • Reduction of crusts, NH3, and odors.
  • Reduction of the number of flies in breeding / rearing halls.
  • Low cost (0,16 € / m3 of treated slurry)

PAL 8, The cocktail of bacteria to improve the liquefaction of your slurry.
The PAL 8 is packed in a cardbox of 16 stones bagged in a biodegradable packaging allowing to treat a total volume of 1600 m3 of slurry.

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