A strong, good quality significanty shell greatly reduces the risk of downgrading and loss.

It is important to maintain good calcium fixation throughout the slock to avoid this risk. The natural complementary feed VOLYEGG favours the assimilation and the valorisation of calcium brought by the ration.
Reinforce the solidity of your shells confidently with peace of mind.
For centuries, traditional medicines around the world have been mostly based on the properties of plants. Nowadays, these practices have been confronted with numerous scientific studies. The artichoke and solidago in VOLYEGG protect and strengthen the liver and kidneys. Horsetail, harpagophytum and meadowsweet have recognised anti-rheumatic properties. Their mineralising capacity is enhanced in VOLYEGG and supports the solidification of eggshells.


Pascal FREY – Pen Creac’h poultry farm, breeder of 140,000 hens in Finistère FRANCE.

« Pascal FREY – Pen Creac’h poultry farm, breeder of 140,000 hens in Finistère* “We had big issues with our feed, with big cuts in feed. The hens were 66 weeks old and the eggs were very damaged. That’s when we put the Volyegg on, which we used for a week, and then there was a very good response, but not in the form of spot responses! And we had to repeat the treatment at every moment. The effect of the Volyegg lasted between 8 and 10 days, after which there was a re-deterioration, we put it back on and it was good for a while, and then it deteriorated again.
We used to put it on for 2 days (just 48 hours) as an booster. It seems to me that it’s not bad. As a curative, it responded immediately but then it started to deteriorate again. But every time you give a booster shot, you get a very flash result ! I’m not going to say that it’s instantaneous, but within a day it was over ! But there is a rapid degradation over time, but we used the product as a “fireman” since we kept the hens for 79 weeks! But the context in which the hens were was not necessarily good! I think the Volyegg to keep things going.




  • Natural product
  • Ease of use: in the drinking water or in the food
  • No residue in the end products (eggs, meat)
  • Natural alternative
  • No waiting period


VOLYEGG, a natural solution contributing to animal welfare

Poduced by Eurotec’h in Britanny, VOLYEGG is available throughout France and also internationaly. Nutrition supplement helping prevent viral and bacterial deseases, composed from natural plant extracts.

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