Bolster your poultry’s natural defenses

We offer a truly natural solution : VolyStim ! It’s a liquid, drinkable, solution based on plants that help reduce the harmful effets of pathogens, as well as reduce stress. VolyStim bolsters and accompanies your immunization programs, contributing to the animal’s wellbeing.


After five days of administration:

« As a support, in the case of an egg-laying drop after serology and confirmation of occurrences of Infectious Bronchitis, head swelling infectious syndrome or Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. After five days of administration, renewed performance was achieved the following week. Used systematically for prevention upon arrival of the hens on batches having tested positive to MS on the previous batch. In the case of an egg production drop associated with food underconsumption and granular eggs after PCR, MS and positivity. On certified broilers, good results when facing dropping performances : ADG, FCR or food underconsumption. After a non-specific enteritis diagnosis, performance indicators are normalized after 7 days of administration. »

Breeding station at Moustoir Remungol:

« Test on 5 days old ducklings : weakened with a high mortality rate. 5 days of VolyStim = robust ducklings and resumed growth, usual mortality rate up to the end of the batch. On a preventive basis on the Following batches, observation of a decreased mortality rates at the begining of th batch.

Benefits :

  • Natural product
  • Administered through the drinking water (best homogeneity)
  • Ease of use
  • Quick absorption
  • No side effects
  • No residues

VolyStim, A natural solution contributing to animal welfare.

Poduced by Eurotec’h in Britanny, VolyStim is available throughout France and also internationaly. Nutrition supplement helping prevent viral and bacterial deseases, composed from natural plant extracts.

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